8 Famous Food of Telangana

Famous Food of Telangana

Visiting Telangana but don’t know what famous food of Telangana you must try? Find Out about these famous foods in this blog. Telangana cuisine is renowned for its wide variety of appetising food selections that create a long-lasting impression on every foodie in South India, from the most sought-after delicacy, Gosht Biryani, to the mouth-watering sweets, such as Qurbani ka Meetha. This cuisine, which is well-known for using the hottest peppers, pairs every curry and deep-fried dish with a millet-based staple to soften the intensity of the flavour. This intriguing method of serving provides us with good insight into the most famous food dishes served in Telangana.

Famous Food of Telangana

The deep-rooted interconnection between Mughlai influence on Telugu food and beverages has given us a wide array of dishes that are not only a lip-smacking treat, but that will quickly turn into comfort food for those wanting a quick, but incredible meal. Some of these meals include – 

1. Sarva Pindi

This is a popular item on the breakfast menu, served as a flatbread made with rice flour and peanuts. This dish also has a quirky history, as it is said to have originated when an old lady in a village decided to cook a meal with the only ingredients left in her kitchen – rice flour and oil. 

2. Pachi Pulusu

Pachi Pulusu, known as ‘Rasam’, tastes like a broth made of tamarind, and provides a warm touch to the meal. Consumed as a warm beverage during the monsoon season, Pachi Pulusu comes with numerous benefits like easing stomach aches, preventing bloating after a meal, and facilitating better digestion. 

3. Dum Biryani

Two of the most popular food items in this category are Dum Biryani and Boti. Although there are many ideas of what Dum Biryani means to the people of Telangana, it is fundamentally defined as seasoned rice that has been roasted or smoked with meat and spices for several hours. This is usually served with a side of salad, roasted chicken, curd (raita), and a cold beverage for the tangy taste. 

4. Mutton Paya

Paya refers to the slow-cooked broth of goat trotters that boils for more than two hours, to provide the most tender and juicy meat to pair with rice or bread.

5. Sakinalu

Popular snacks that are eaten throughout Telangana include one of the best savoury remedies for gluten and cholesterol problems – Sakinalu. Made with rice dough, Sakinalu are shaped as concentric circles that are hard, but fun to chew on. These are also called Murukku in Andhra Pradesh. 

6. Garijalu

A fun-shaped snack, these are shaped like the moon and are filled with a sweet mixture of coconut and jaggery/sugar. 

7. Irani Chai

One item that cannot be disregarded though, is Irani Chai. Although more famous in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, this is one beverage that makes it to every kitchen in the state. It not only calms the nerves and anxiety but the caffeinated drink also is preferred by many individuals seeking respite from daily stress and troubles. 

8. Qurbani ka Meetha

Last but not least, the most famous dessert in Telangana cuisine is also the most popular sweet in Hyderabad. This is a sweet made with the jam of apricots and dried nuts and serves as the perfect end to any meal you get to eat in Telangana.


Although we have listed out only some of the famous foods of the state, there has been a resurgence of appreciation regarding Telugu cuisine in recent years. Despite the increase in incorporating modern elements into rustic traditional cooking methods, Telangana cuisine continues to represent the native Telugu culture and heritage with each dish in its repertoire of delectable delicacies. With every popular food item on the menu packing a strong punch of flavour, this cuisine is a must-try for all South Indian food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a novice trying to explore the basics of Telugu cuisine interplaying with Telangana history and culture, or a food critic looking for hidden gems throughout the state, the mentioned famous foods of Telangana are a must-try when in town! You can try some of this famous food of Telangana at Jagavi’s Kritunga.

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