What is Sorakaya Halwa?

sorakaya halwa

Sorakaya Halwa is a delectable Andhra-style special sweet made from bottle gourd or lauki, khoya, and cashew nuts that are consumed on special occasions. You can prepare this sorakaya halwa or doodhi halwa using very minimum ingredients and it consumes very less time. Since bottle gourds have been gathered for so long, they may be among the first crops that man ever harvested. 

It might have come from Africa, which is where it naturally occurs because it also grows in India. It is currently harvested throughout the tropics, especially in the Indian subcontinent, South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, and tropical Africa. The bottle gourd grows best in warm, humid regions and is a warm-season crop. It is one of the most popular vegetables in Indian cuisine and offers several health benefits. Even though kids and teenagers despise this vegetable, older people consume it because of its benefits for maintaining a healthy physique.

Usually, khova is used in restaurants to give the halwa a deliciously rich, creamy consistency and plenty. The lauki ka halwa can also be made with low-fat milk, condensed milk, or ghee. This improves the flavour and you should enjoy it, especially when you eat it warmly. A few also serve it while it’s still warm with some vanilla or pistachio ice cream. 

Health Benefits of Sorakaya Halwa

It is a very nutritious dish made up of almonds and is quite scrumptious and lip-smacking. The health benefits of bottle gourd are excellent. It has a reputation for being among the healthiest veggies. Bottle gourd helps you lose weight, cools your body, and treats urinary infections as well as stomach issues. It reduces stress and maintains heart health. Bottle gourd is a great low-calorie veggie; you may make simple low-calorie food using this.

Ingredients needed to make sorakaya halwa

  • Cashews nuts  
  • Raisins
  • Cardamom powder
  • Ghee
  • Kova
  • Whole milk
  • Peeled, deseeded and grated bottle gourd
  • Sugar

Instructions to prepare sorakaya halwa

Let us dive into the process of crafting this flavour-filled sorakaya halwa

  1. Heat ghee in a pan and roast cashews and keep aside
  2. In the same pan, roast raisins and keep them aside
  3. Add the grated bottle gourd to the same pan and heat until it is halfway done. As the bottle gourd will begin to leak, avoid adding water and instead let it cook in its own juices.
  4. Mix the milk until the bottle gourd is cooked and all the milk and liquid evaporate.
  5. Adding sugar, cardamom powder, and khoya will cause it to become watery once more. Continue mixing until it becomes dry and begins to come together. Your halwa is now ready. 
  6. Serve with roasted cashews and raisins as a garnish. 

Some individuals prefer their halwa to still contain liquid, in which case you can skip the final step and prevent the water from evaporating. But, most of them like the dryer halwa more. It can be served chilled or warm.

Pro Tips to prepare delicious sorakaya halwa

  • Always choose fresh and tender bottle gourd, as most of it tends to become bitter with time. Once the bottle gourd picks up the bitter taste, it will spoil the dish when mixed with milk. So, do not use the bottle guard which shows a hint of bitterness or tangy taste.
  • If the bottle gourd has too much moisture, saute it in ghee for some time, till the raw flavour diminishes. Then cook the bottle gourd in slightly thickened boiling milk, mainly to avoid the milk from curdling.
  • It is important to use high-fat or full-fat homogenised milk while preparing this dish, to enhance the taste and avoid the milk from getting spoiled. 


Try out preparing the Sorakaya Halwa on your own and let us know your cooking and tasting experience. In case your sorakaya halwa does not turn out to be great, you can visit Jagavi’s Kritunga, our chefs prepare a delectable Sorakaya Halwa to enchant your senses. Visit us and taste the bliss.

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