How to Host a Telugu Style Dinner Party?

Telugu Style Dinner Party

Dinner parties are common. People invite their friends, colleagues and family members to dinner parties of various themes and have fun. It is necessary to have dinner parties because people can enjoy different dishes, engage in party activities and enjoy. You also might be planning to host a Telugu style dinner party. Are you nervous about it? Don’t worry. 

8 Tips that will help you host a proper Telugu style dinner party

1. Plan a list of guests

Initially, you should plan a list of guests you want to invite and schedule the date of hosting the Telugu dinner party. 

2. Plan the utensils required for the dinner party

An authentic Telugu-style dinner party is a feast for the senses, with a range of dishes served on a banana leaf. To truly capture the essence of this experience, you’ll need the right utensils. 

  • First and foremost, you’ll need banana leaves to serve the food on. 
  • You’ll also need a set of small bowls called katoris to hold the various dishes. 
  • A large steel plate or thali is also necessary to hold everything together. 
  • A ladle or serving spoon will be needed to serve the dishes.
  • A small glass for drinking water or buttermilk. 
  • Finally, you’ll need a set of finger bowls with water and lemon to cleanse your hands after the meal.

3. Planning the Menu and food

  • Start planning the type of Telugu food, such as Telangana, Rayalaseema or Andhra, which you want to serve the guests. In addition, remember the number of guests you are doing and plan the Menu accordingly. 
  • Consider whether the setting of the Telugu dinner party should be plated or buffet. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the guests about dietary restrictions. 
  • Try to think about how you will present the food to the guests.
  • Finalise the Menu and purchase the ingredients required for the food items you’ve planned for the Telugu-style dinner party one or two weeks before. By doing that, you’ll get to prepare an excellent party menu. 

4. Dress up nicely for the party

Dress up nicely for the Telugu-style dinner party, as you’ll give a good impression to the guests. Your guests will be interested in interacting with you. 

5. Variety of drinks

Think of what drinks you’re going to serve to the guests. You can include cold beverages, mocktails, etc., depending upon the choice of the guests. 

6. Set a party ambience

An excellent party ambience will be great for the Telugu-style dinner party.

  • Decorate the dinner table with fresh flowers and improve the mood by placing the scented candles.
  • Remember to include the music for the party. 

7. Set a party atmosphere

  • Choose the right venue depending on the number of guests you’ve invited. Also, you must remember the ambience you planned earlier and select the right venue according to your expectations. The venue should be in such a way that when the guests arrive, they must get good vibrations.
  • Include music in your dinner party as it will excite your guests, and they’ll enjoy your party. Think of the type of party music such as rock music, slow songs, etc. Remember that the music should be so that the guests will enjoy it and remember your party forever. Hire a DJ or a band to set a party scene.
  • Organise magic shows, dance shows or circus acts. Hire magicians, dancers or circus performers to entertain the guests. 
  • Conduct games for people of all ages. In this way, the guests will be entertained and engaged in your party. 

8. Enjoy the party

If you’ve hosted the party, you must be there to entertain the guests. Be involved with the guests and enjoy the party which you’ve hosted. You should also see that the guests are engaged in the party activities and having fun. 


Telugu-style dinner parties would give a taste of various types of Telugu dishes. People would get to know different kinds of Telugu dishes. You must host Telugu-style dinner parties so that the guests enjoy and think of coming to your party again. 

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