5 Breakfast Dishes You Need to Try

Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast is an essential part of our daily nutrition, as it gives us the energy needed to go through the day’s activities. It is consumed by most people in the morning, but there are a few who prefer to have tea or coffee instead and leave for work without eating breakfast. Nonetheless, having a nutritious breakfast in the morning can be beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Importance of Breakfast:

When you are asleep, your body functions continuously, but you won’t act physically. Due to continuous functioning, your body might run out of energy. In addition, the glucose level in your body also reduces. Therefore, to improve your glucose level, you need breakfast.

Breakfast consumption provides essential nutrients and minerals to commence the day’s required tasks.

Why is breakfast essential?

Mentioned below are the reasons why breakfast is necessary-

1. It gives the body essential nutrients required for proper functioning.

2. Breakfast assists in balancing the sugar level of the body. The balance in the body’s sugar level helps to keep your body and brain in good condition. In addition, it helps to maintain the entire metabolism of the body.

3. Breakfast helps you gain muscles. If you take protein-rich food for breakfast, it enables you to strengthen your muscles.

4. Regular breakfast consumption lowers your risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. It also helps to avoid heart-related diseases.

5. A healthy breakfast is necessary as it gives you the energy to do the work. Your breakfast keeps your tummy full for the day, so it helps you to improve your concentration and focus.

6. People who eat a healthy breakfast show more physical activity throughout the morning than those who don’t. Physical activities help people prevent weight gain and fatigue.

What are the top 5 breakfast dishes to eat in the morning?

Below are the ultimate healthy dishes to eat for breakfast in the morning-

1. Poha

Poha is light and easy to make and is almost eaten all over the country. There are wide varieties of poha, such as Kanda poha, soya poha, Indori poha, Nagpuri Tari poha, etc.

2. Upma

Upma is an essential South Indian breakfast. It is made of urad dal and semolina. The crunchy vegetables are added to the upma, along with some grated coconut on top. It is eaten along with a pickle. Upma contains proteins that give strength to your muscles and energy to your body.

3. Dosa

Dosa is a thin pancake of fermented rice batter and grounds black lentils. Dosas are eaten with chutney and sambar. They contain low levels of saturated fat, reducing heart risk and several health issues. In addition, they also contain carbohydrates and proteins, which provide energy to the body and strengthen the muscles.

4. Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is an Indian stuffed flatbread with a soft and spicy mashed potato filling on the inside. But, on the outside, it is crispy. It contains 44% carbohydrates, 7% proteins, and 49% fat.

Aloo paratha helps control blood pressure as the sodium quantity is low. It also contains selenium, an essential nutrient for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

5. Idli

Idli is a popular South Indian breakfast eaten with coconut chutney and sambar. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, iron, folate, potassium, and vitamin A. It has many antioxidants and lowers blood pressure.


Breakfast is an essential part of our day and should be taken by everyone, as it provides the necessary energy to perform our daily chores and helps to improve focus for work. Furthermore, eating breakfast on a regular basis has been linked to reducing the risks of obesity and other health issues.

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