Sweet Corn Soup Recipe – Jagavis Kritunga

sweet corn soup recipe - jagavis kritunga

History & recipe of Corn Soup: 

Corn has been a staple crop for many Native American tribes, making it a popular recipe in the US. However, there is a belief that sweet corn soup recipe originated in China and carried forward with variations. Different people share other stories of its origin. The sweet corn soup available in India is not the actual Chinese corn soup recipe. Sweet corn soup as we know it is one of those made-up dishes (like American chop suey) created in the early twentieth century when poor Chinese immigrants to the United States opened small restaurants serving cheap meals. They used sweet corn, a new-world vegetable not native to China because it was cheap and easy to find in America. Most Americans were familiar with the taste of sweet corn, 

When and why did sweet corn soup become so popular in India? 

It is believed that sweet corn soup was always a restaurant dish, and the Chinese community in Calcutta or Bombay rarely ate it at home as a staple food. According to this theory, the first Chinese restaurants in India had little to do with authentic Chinese cuisine. They followed in the footsteps of American-Chinese eateries. The American Chinese created their menus based on Cantonese cooking principles, eliminating most high-priced meats, simplifying the flavors, and focusing on noodles, vegetables, and rice because they were cheap and plentiful.

How to make sweet corn soup: Ingredients, Preparation, and Serving

Corn soup can be made sweet or savory depending on the ingredients and method of preparation used. The boiling process is used to make the majority of corn soups. They can be served warm or cold, as the main course, or as an appetizer/starter. Medical professionals also recommend sweet corn soups as they include lesser spices and are taught with healthy veggies that give you strength during illness. Without further ado, let’s get into the sweet corn soup recipe.

A soup base with corn added to it is the basic recipe for any corn soup. Any additional ingredients can be added to give this base a unique flavor. Corn on the cob, butter, flour, water, and an egg are common ingredients. Seasoning is usually done with salt and pepper. However, the ingredients of corn soup may differ from one location to the next. The below-mentioned sweet corn soup ingredients are subject to your preferences, and the quantity depends on your taste. 

Sweet corn soup ingredients:

Sweet corn 

Black & white pepper

Salt to taste 

Corn starch 

Garlic, french beans, carrots – finely chopped

Chilli paste 

Soya sauce  

White vinegar 

Oil [optional] 

Sweet corn soup recipe

Take a pan, add 2 tsp of oil, sweetcorn, chopped veggies, and garlic, and saute for 5 minutes. 

Add salt, chili paste, soy sauce, black & white pepper, and white vinegar to the veggies and saute until it mixes well. 

Take in some cornstarch and dilute it in a small bowl of water, add it to the veggies mixture and let it simmer. 

Tada, the tastiest & simplest Sweet Corn soup, is at your service. Enjoy it warm and complement your winters. 

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