Veg Biryani Recipe

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I know many of you will be concerned with the term “Veg Biryani” because it is popularly believed that Biryani is defined as rice cooked with meat. However, a lot of restaurants, as well as chefs, believe that this definition of Biryani is a myth. Either way, it is still safe to say that veg biryani combines vegetables cooked with flavorsome rice. The aromatic flavors of delicious vegetables are marinated and cooked with spices to make you drool. 

There are different types of veg biryanis to begin with. All these are made with different flavours of aromatic spices and delicious star veggies in the dish. For example, Aloo biryani has a star ingredient – Aloo. Similarly paneer biryani includes paneer as its star ingredient. However, the evergreen version of Veg biryani is vegetable biryani. 

There are two easy yet diverse techniques of making vegetable biryani – One pot & Dum. The one pot technique of making biryani involves cooking rice and marinated vegetables together. However, Dum biryani is when the rice and marinated veggies are cooked separately and compiled in a single pot to cook it with steam (Dum) .So dive into this yummy dish by having delicious homemade veg biryani with an easy recipe. Let’s start with listing down the ingredients for the veg biryani recipe. 

Ingredients of veg biryani:

Basmati rice


Oil Saffron Milk

Milk hot

Saffron crushed 

Biryani Masala

Vegetable Oil

Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Green Cardamoms, Cloves


Green Chillies 

Ginger Garlic Paste


Mixed Vegetables 

Chopped Coriander

Chopped Mint Leaves

Coriander Powder

Chilli Powder

Garam masala 



Start with boiling water as required to cook rice. Add washed rice, some Salt, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Green Cardamoms & Cloves. Cook till it’s about 90% done, and set it aside. 

Please take all the vegetables of your choice and mix them with a cup of curd. Add in some salt and all the dry masalas, including Biryani Masala. Keep it aside to marinate. 

Grab a cooking pan and add 2 tsp of oil and 2 tsp of butter/ghee. Add some Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Green Cardamoms & Cloves on medium flame. 

As soon as it leaves an aroma, add some jeera and ginger-garlic paste and let it simmer. Add in onion paste and cook till it turns golden brown. 

Later add tomato puree and cook till it starts releasing oil. Add in the biryani masala, salt to taste, and dry masala. 

Finally, pour the marinated veggies and let them simmer for 10 minutes. Give in a layer of rice on the cooked veggies. Garnish with some desi ghee, caramelized onions, Roasted Kaju, saffron milk, chopped pudina & coriander leaves. 

Close the container and let the aromas and flavors combine with the dum. 

Tada, your delicious Veg Biryani is ready. 

Now that we have discussed the delicious veg biryani recipe that is very easy to make, try this at home or order it from Kritunga, the best Andhra delicacies. They use traditional techniques to make the tastiest Biryani ever. 

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