The Essence of Kritunga Biryani

Essence of Kritunga biryani

Biryani, the name itself, brings water to your mouth. The aromatic, exquisite, flavorsome, delicious, mouth-watering Biryani is definitely a heaven on earth. We all know the importance of Biryani in our lives and the varied kinds of this dish that give us a definite food coma. However, how many of you know the origin of Biryani and the places with the best Biryani in the world? Let us talk about the origin and history of Biryani. 

Biryani & its importance: 

In the history of Biryani, its origin is said to be in Persia under the Mughal rule, where the kitchens were confined to marinated meat, aromatic spices, and rice combined in perfect proportion to make a bowl of rustic rice – Biryani. The Mughals carried their recipes as they travelled to India and formed a kingdom. Therefore, states with a history of Nizam or Mughal rule have profited from authentic recipes of middle eastern origin, including Biryani. Hyderabad and Lucknow are two cities with the best Biryani in the world.

Kritunga biryani: 

The best Biryani in Hyderabad is at Kritunga. Biryani has four major components: rice, meat, marinate, and spice. Kritunga biryani has a proportionate flavor of spices and marinated aromatic meat combined into flavorsome rice. Kritunga uses traditional techniques that abide by the ancient Mughal culture adding a hint of Andhra spices, making it a unique combination of delightful spices. Kritunga biryani is a definite must-try, an underrated masterpiece of traditional biryanis and authentic Andhra flavors in Hyderabad. 

Biryanis in Kritunga: 


Biryani is popularly believed to be rice cooked with meat. However, Kritunga comes with a collection of veg biryani that replaces meat with vegetables. This way, they cater to the vegetarian crowd and allow them to experience a delicious delight. 


Kritunga’s special chicken biryani comes with an irresistible secret recipe for authentic chicken biryani. Kritunga’s special chicken biryani is a very famous dish that is most loved by the majority of people. This is something that you definitely shouldn’t miss. 


As the name suggests, pot biryani is made in a pot with medium flame giving it space to breathe and dwell in the exuberant flavors of the spice-enriched aromatic marinate. This dish will provide you with a taste of heaven, an evolution of Dum Biryani. 


Natukodi refers to country-grown chicken. These are well-nourished and nutritious as compared to others. Moreover, they are more delicious when used as a component for Biryani. Natukodi Biryani is a variation of Biryani made with country delight chicken. Nutritious substitute and a must-try dish in the list of Kritunga biryani.  


Avakaya means pickle and avakaya chicken biryani is the combination of avakaya and chicken biryani. A delicious fusion dish that is too amazing to miss. Why wait until you can try it in Kritunga? 

This brings us to the conclusion of today’s biryani discussion and our special mention of the top 5 in the menu of Kritunga biryani. End your cravings and visit Kritunga today. 

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