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Kritunga - Veg vs non veg

Health is wealth is a statement we all are aware of but probably not all of us follow the same when it comes to taking care of our diet. In today’s world where food is exposed to adulting and contamination lacking the essence of purity it becomes difficult to keep up with the good health and attain nutritional standards. One of the aspects that play a significant role in determining your health and directly affecting your nutritional goal is the food we eat. Food is one of the basic requirements of health and life. There are broadly 2 classifications on the basis of the food we eat 

  1. Vegetarian food
  2. Non vegetarian food

One of the most argumentative topics of all times between true foodies is the topic of  veg vs non veg and how one is better than the other. Let us first discuss the difference between veg and non veg. 

Veg Vs Non-Veg:

Vegetarians are basically people who eat plant based food with animal products like milk. This group of individuals are keen on gaining nutrition without having to harm the animals. However there are a subcategory group of people “vegans” who believe that dairy products from animals are also a way of animal cruelty. Thus, Vegans focus on only plant based food. “Eggetarians” meaning vegetarians who eat eggs. Although the word used is a slang vocabulary, the category of people does exist. The choice of category is basically deopending on the choices of food a person consumes. It is said that vegetarian food does not provide enough nutritional value for the human body. Let’s discuss if it is true. 

Non-vegetarians are a group of people who consume animals as part of their meal. They recieve direct protein from the animals and get a better nutrional value as compared to vegetarians. Or is it? Non-vegetarians have the option of consuming a lot of various nutrients directly broken down by the animals they consume. Chicken is a great source of protein and is highly recommended for people who are malnourished or fitness freaks. Non vegetarian food is full of cholesterol and fats especially the fast food we get on the streets is said to be hazardous to our health and can cause serious problems. Consumption of animals also gives an open way through diseases. A good example of the same is the COVID which was spead because a man in China ended up having an infected bat. This is why it’s extremely important to consume good quality meat when it comes to non-vegetarian food.

Difference between Veg and Non Veg

According to popular beliefs non-vegetarian food is said to have higher nutritional value than vegetarian food. However, this statement is partially untrue. Most of the rich in nutrients can be switched with nutritious vegetarian food with almost equal amounts of nutritional value. Moreover, the risk of diseases is lesser in a vegetarian diet than the non-vegetarian one. Here is where the importance of vegetarian food comes into action. 

There is another scientific fact that the vegetarian diet doesn’t have the capabilities of curing diseases that only non-vegetarians have access to. For example:  Fish Prasadam is adviced to people with asthma every year during the first week of June. It is said that the consumption of this fish can cure asthama. Similarly there are hundreds of other miraculous animals that have curable properties. 

Therefore the winner of the battle veg vs non veg is the choices you make when it comes to everyday diet. The only difference between veg and non-veg food is the choices we make as individuals. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to choose nutritious food according to your preference. Maintaining a well-balanced diet with a combination of healthy and tasty options is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Jagavis Kritunga restaurant, Hyderabad is the best place with delicious Andhra delicacies to suit your cravings. 

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