Must-Try Foods to Eat in India:

Kritungs - Must try food to eat in india

India is a country with diverse cultures and with the different cultures comes different cuisines that are authentic to the communities. One of the best parts about living in India is the variety of delicious food you get to eat. India is definitely an epitome of origin of the tastiest food in the world. However, the list of the must try foods to eat in India is very long, here are a few best  Indian foods of all times. 

Best Indian food you cannot miss out on : 

Natukodi Biryani {Andhra pradesh}

When we talk about the best Indian food one cannot miss out on Andhra style natu kodi biryani. Natukodi is an Andhra style country chicken curry made with a combination of guntur chilli and coconut masala. This natu kodi curry, an age-old recipe, was transformed into biryani by adding spices enriched with aromatic rice. Tadaa! That’s how natukodi biryani, a Rayalaseema delight was invented making it one of the tastiest food in the world.

Kothu parotta {Chennai}

Kothu Parotta or shredded flatbread is similar to the punjabi laccha paratha, one of the most delicious foods of all time but with a tasty twist. “Kothu” means minced or shredded, it is tossed in spicy veggies, eggs, or chicken. It  is a famous South Indian cuisine, originated from Sri lanka and a famous dish in Tamil Nadu. A definite must try foods to eat in India.

Gobi manchurian {Bangalore}

Gobi manchurian is as staple as haleem in Hyderabad. Small food stalls sell gobi manchurian in Banglore with the flavours of heaven. This is undeniably the favourite dish of Indo-chinese cuisine in India. Bangalore, an epitome of IT development is one of the most expensive cities in India. Gobi manchurian is the perfect street snack, affordable and delicious. It has the flavours of 2 countries making it the tastiest food in the world. 

Jalebi & fafda {Ahmedabad} 

A world famous gujarati combo that marks the excellence of the best combination of fafda and jalebi making it the most favourite dish. Fafdas are spicy and crunchy long snacks. They are made of chickpeas consisting of long strips of dough which are deep fried. Jalebi is a crispy, soft fried sweet dipped in sugar. This sweet-salty combination is traditionally served during Dussehra as a breakfast and is a favourite street food in Gujarat, must try foods to eat in India.

Rajma chawal {Kashmir} 

How could we miss out on India’s soul food – rajma chawal. A delicious food originally from Kashmiri has evolved and taken over the hearts of all foodies making it the tastiest food in the world. One of the best Indian foods, untouched by the phenomenon, rajma chawal is a combination of flavourful kidney beans that are cooked in an onion and tomato gravy and served with steamed rice on the side. There are different ways of cooking rajma chawal, however it still stands as the definite must try foods to eat in India.

We have discussed the must try foods to eat in India that nobody should ever miss. All these delicious foods should remain the authentic flavors of India because they make the tastiest food in the world. Jagavis Kritunga is the best restaurant in Hyderabad for authentic flavors of Andhra.  

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