Famous Food Of Andhra Pradesh


Believe it or not Andhra pradesh cuisine is one of the best Indian sub-cuisine with a perfect combination of authentic sophisticated cuisine which carefully combines novel culinary influences of the native tradition. These authentic Andhra pradesh cuisine delights are either mouthwateringly spicy or a combination of delicious flavors that just feels like heaven. Moreover, authentic flavors of Andhra are always backed with a great ayurvedic advantage inculcating medical benefits in all the dishes. Here are some must try Andhra’s best andhra special dishes mentioned below: 

Andhra food items list that you must try: 


Punugulu is one of the famous dish of andhra pradesh and the best dishes out there. It is a deep fried snack made with a paste of rice, urad dal and other spices. This paste is then deep fried in circular shape and is often served with peanut chutney, known as palli chutney, coconut chutney. It is a fantastic lightweight snack to offer when the sun has risen.

Bongulo Chicken

Bongulo Chicken, commonly referred to as bamboo chicken, is the traditional food of andhra pradesh. This dish is mostly found in Araku Valley and other hilly/coastal areas. They prepare this delicacy with utmost hygiene by placing the marinated chicken into a porous bamboo cane. They place the bamboo cane with a collection of hot coal and let it cook. This process gives in an exotic smoky aroma. This dish attracts people because it is prepared in the hollow bamboo and then roasted on the coals.

Alasanda Vada

Among the Andhra pradesh food items, it is one of the healthy snacks you can find in Andhra streets. This dish is a combination of black-eyed beans, diced onions, green chillies, curry leaves, and flavours including red chilli and turmeric. They serve these delicious delights along with chutney, and this combination will make you want more. This dish is loved worldwide when it comes to famous dish of Andhra pradesh.

Masala Batan

The concept of chaat whether you are living in the northern or southern part of the nation is always the best part of their respective cuisine. Each state does have its unique combination of chaat variations that quickly become popular among other regions. This chaat is one of the most relatively affordable dishes available on Andhra Pradesh’s coastal roads. They prepare it with cooked peas, onions, tomato, and some drops of lemon juice to give it a strong flavour. They serve it with a little plastic or wooden spoon in a paper cone. The flavor of this dish is pure serenity. The best thing about this is that it gives a core regional belongingness with every bite of it. A definite must try. 


It is a classic Andhra pradesh cuisine, moong dal dosa aka pesarattu. It is also Andhra Pradesh’s most famous street food loved by the mob. In all of the Andhra cuisines, this dish is commonly eaten with rava upma and ginger pachadi. They add chillies, cumin seeds, and ginger to the moong dal batter before making the crispy dosa.The best thing you can do when you visit Andhra is have pesarattu here. 

Natukodi pulusu:

Natu kodi kura is a delicious, spicy Andhra spicy chicken curry made with a Guntur chilli spice mix and a hint of coconut. It is authentic and one of the famous food of Andhra pradesh. It is a combination of  all the spices eaten with rice, roti or anything that suits your preference making it mouth watering and delicious.

Ragi sankati: 

This dish is made of just 2 ingredients and is a storehouse of multinutrients. Ragi sankati is a delicious dish eaten with a slurry curry. This dish is popular among the rural folks of Andhra, Telangana & Rayalaseema. A sphere full of nutrients is eaten with a spicy curry for the best delicious experience making it a definite must try.  

These are the list of famous food of Andhra pradesh that are definitely a must try. To get attached to your roots with authentic flavors of Andhra, visit Kritunga. Kritunga has the best Andhra pradesh cuisine to suit your taste buds. Until then, happy eating!

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