5 Must Try Spicy Dishes from Telugu Cuisine

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If one had to describe Telugu Cuisine in three words, it would be spicy, tangy, and flavourful. In short, a tasty ride to heaven for all spice lovers. While you must have definitely ticked Hyderabadi Biryani from the list of ultimate culinary treats of Telugu Cuisine, it can never be enough, right? If you are fond of Telugu Spicy Dishes, you definitely have to check this list out. Let’s dig in to some of famous telugu dishes without any further ado! 

Here are the 5 must try telugu cuisine dishes names

Gongura Mutton

From stir-fries to curries and even pickles, Gongura is one leafy vegetable that blends with anything. The sour elements add to the flavour, especially in non-vegetarian curries like Mutton or Chicken. The addition of Gongura makes the meat perfectly succulent and juicy. It goes well with a side of roti or rice. The next time you want to try Telugu Spicy dishes that are tangy and delicious, don’t forget to count on one of our favourite picks, Gongura Mutton. 

Paruppu Podi 

We cannot make this list without a vegetarian classic that is close to our hearts. This is another staple and spicy treat from the Telugu homes! Paruppu Podi is nothing but lentil powder. Dal powder is roasted and mixed with piping hot rice and ghee. Try this comforting dish; you’d surely want to thank us. The best yet is the preparation time; it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. That’s it, serve it hot and take your taste palette on a trip to paradise. 

Kakinada Peethala curry

Kakinada is a coastal region in Andhra. Famous for seafood and sweets (Kakinada Kaja), this place will make your visit worthwhile. The Crab curry or Peethala curry is a paradise for spice lovers. The perfect spice blend and a hint of tanginess will leave you craving for more. This amazing dish is refreshing, hot, and so good. Don’t forget to checklist this classic from drool-worthy Telugu spicy dishes. 

Andhra Chicken Curry

Although quite similar to the regular curry, the Andhra Chicken curry andhra cuisine and comes under has a unique touch with an overwhelming spice and flavours. The coriander garnishing on the top will satiate your taste buds. Mix it with a rice of your choice, and just wait for the flavours to hit the spot. 

Royyala Vepudu 

If you love seafood, you will surely fall in love with the first bite of Royyala Veppudu. Sauteed with curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, chillies, and onions, the rich masala curry will leave you wanting more. Be it with a side of rice or just like a starter, the taste will definitely blow your mind. It is similar to the other South Indian varieties of prawns fry but beware of the spice quotient. 

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