Best Food items to eat in this Monsoon Season

monsoon food

Monsoons are refreshing, and the scenic beauty captivates our minds and souls like no other. The smell of the dampened soil, cool breezes, and the happiness of a farmer are just mesmerising to watch and feel. The best way to enjoy this season to the fullest is through lip-smacking food. Hands down! We have done the research for the best dishes to try in the rainy season. Let’s dig into our favourite monsoon food trends that will leave you craving for more.  


A sizzling hot cup of Masala chai and the chilling rainy season is a match made in heaven! The hint of ginger accentuates the taste and aroma to another level. Did you know that tea does wonders to your overall health? The combination of spices helps beat the signs of flu and boost your immunity. Juggling through numerous tasks in a day, tea is your go-to stress buster, ain’t it? 

Corn or Bhutta 

Bhutta and monsoon food trends have been synonymous for a long time now. One can never go wrong with an absolute classic, right? Imagine you are just done with your work, and you find a street vendor serving piping hot Bhuttas; what do you do? Buy it, of course! The perfectly spiced corn with a dash of lemon juice on the top is incredibly amazing and hits the right spot. 


How can we do the monsoon food trends without the crunchy and savoury samosa that pulls our hearts like a magnet? Never ever! There were times when Aloo, Onion, and Corn were the primary types of samosas we could ever get. Bygone are the times with ultimate fusions of delicacies like pizza samosa, pasta samosa, and whatnot. Try them out! 

Idli Sambar 

If you are not a chirpy bird and love staying indoors, you can still immerse in the magic of the rainy season. But the question is how to Enjoy food at home in rainy season? You can make the comfort food of South Indian cuisine like Idli Sambar. The fluffy and subtle taste of idli with steaming hot and flavorful sambar is the ultimate combination for monsoon season. 

Roasted Chicken Tikka

Monsoon food trends without a non-vegetarian treat! 2020 has brought several alterations to the Indian cuisines, but roasted Chicken Tikka is eternal love. The smoky edge and the outburst of flavours are undeniably a treat for you. Pair the char-grilled tikka with cream; thank us later! 

Aloo Paratha 

For Paratha lovers, a hot parantha sprinkled with ghee and love on the top is a non-negotiable this monsoon season! It tastes delicious with a side of pickle (achar), mint chutney, and curd. What are you waiting for? Indulge in the scrumptiousness of an Aloo Paratha!

Paya soup 

Last but not least on this enticing list is Paya soup. This is a mouth-watering stew made from Lamb. The feeling of sipping hot Paya soup in the chilling rainy weather is unparalleled. Enriched with nutritional value, it provides great health benefits apart from soothing your soul. It just works like a charm, from detoxifying your body to relieving joint pains.
That being said, you can hop onto the monsoon food trends with Kritunga. Be it spicy Paya soup or comforting Aloo Parathas, we have innumerable varieties for you to indulge in and make the most of this monsoon season. A drool-worthy food ride is awaiting!

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