5 Best Dishes from Kritunga you must try!

Factionalism and politics are the first things that cross your mind when you hear “Rayalaseema,” right? No wonder the mass action hits like Samarasimha reddy, Indra, or even the recent movies like Aravindha Sametha might have cultivated this notion in you. Rayalaseema is so much more than this; their cuisine is a chef’s kiss. With the perfect blend of spices, Kritunga serves you the finest Telugu cuisine and Rayalaseema specials. Here are some must-try delicacies from our restaurant.

Top Telugu dishes to try 

Be it breezy monsoons or hot summers; nothing hits home more than authentic Telugu Cuisines. Their importance not only lies in satiating your palette but also in embracing the culture. Let’s dig into our most-loved choices without any further ado.

Natu Kodi pulusu

Predominantly known for its smoky and distinct accents, Natu Kodi pulusu (country chicken) is your ultimate treat. It is a thick chicken gravy infused with tantalizing spices. Hints of dry coconut and chill just accentuate the flavors to another level. Although Natu Kodi pulusu tastes amazing with steamed rice, its pairing with Raagi Muddha is a classic!  

Raagi Sangati

Like they say in cookbooks and articles, you can never go wrong with a classic! Raagi Sangati and Natu Kodi pulusu is a renowned delicacy in Rayalaseema that will leave you craving for more. Ragi is a staple food in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is rich in iron and helps in keeping your sugar levels in control. For this dish, ragi flour is cooked to perfection using only a few ingredients. A drizzle of ghee on top just makes it heavenly.  

Jonna rotte

Jonna rotte is one of the most-healthy variants of flatbreads. Made from sorghum flour, this gluten-free delicacy will give you instant gratification. It goes well with pickles or curries. 

Gutti Vankaya 

Gutti Vankaya is a recipe you will surely fall in love with. Brinjal is cut and stuffed with an aromatic blend of spices. Then it is deep-fried for the smoky, mushy, and tender texture. It has a prominent nutty flavor because of powdered groundnut and just melts in your mouth. 

Talakaya Mamsam 

You are definitely missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried Talakaya Mamsam in Telugu Cuisine. This lamb head curry is a runny gravy made with grounded spices that just hit the spot. It tastes utterly scrumptious with a side of rice, parotta, or flatbread. 

These are our top telugu dishes to try! If you really want to indulge in authentic Telugu Cuisine, Kritunga is the perfect destination. Come, treat yourself to our finest delicacies. 

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